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FBI LTD, Process Servers, Trace Agents, Enforcement Agents & Private Investigators.


Find a person or Trace someone in London or Nationwide.

Apart from Process Serving as Private Investigators we provide other legal services, such as tracing debtors, finding lost relatives, creating Company Asset profiles, Surveillance and Repossessions. We also have our own in-house Affidavit system for proof of service and can cater for most Legal Documents worldwide.


We can trace anyone Nationwide, finding Company Directors, Debtors or lost relatives. We can also help locate missing Witnesses and offer employment tracing for debt recovery.

From tracing someone in London to tracing someone abroad, we have a large database of worldwide agents.

Other services provided ;

Tracing Debtors Process Serving
Process Serving Tracing debtors or missing persons
Enforcement Agents Surveillance
Repossessions Company Searches
Affidavits Court Documents Issued
Trace Repossessions
Court Documents Issued Enforcement Agents

Rent Owed?

Why not instruct one of our Enforcement Agents to collect any rent owed on commercial property.

Our Enforcement Agents are fully certificated and professional, so colleting commercial rent couldn’t be easier. Simply complete one of our Warrants of Distress and we can collect any money owed very quickly. No court attendances or Statutory Demands needed, just a simple attendance.

We have a small but professional nationwide network, with Enforcement Agents often in the areas of Central London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Midlands, Suffolk and Essex.
For any enquiries call: 020 8771 9511