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Although our main line of business is process serving, tracing, etc., we also set up computer systems, mainly for other investigators and Enforcement Agent companies. We cover all aspects of networking and server installations, together with various bespoke and specialised accounts programs for clients who require better searching facilities.

Enforcement Agent Program

Our Enforcement Agent Program calculates all fees, walking possesion fees, fixed and variable charges, etc., saving time and effort. Letters and reminders can be produced in batches or individually, as can reports.

Court Document & Affidavit Program

Our new affidavit program generates affidavits automatically. Stat Demands, Bankruptcy Petitions, Winding up Petitions, Divorce Petitions, etc., can all be generated on the fly for various types of service.

Investigator Program

Our Investigator program has been around for a while, but is always being improved. All Defendants are searchable in milliseconds giving full details of clients and case notes. Labels can be created in batches or on the fly, as can various reports and statistics. All agent details are just as easily accessible and can be searched nationwide, over six thousand in less than a second. The agents are automatically sorted under price / efficiency / distance ratings, and kept continuously up to date, by linking to the accounts program.

Accounts Program

Our accounts program has Sales, Purchase and Nominal Ledgers. The Cash book is integrated straight into the two main ledgers updating on the fly, and giving better flexibility. All invoices can be marked and faxed in batches or individually, with just a few clicks of the mouse. The accounts program can be used to update the other programs either automatically or manually, depending on user needs. All invoice details can be logged into the Investigators program to give details and notes against each file if required. The integration gives a very useful job costing and detailed information form, for any file.

Issue Court Documents

Why spend hours getting your documents issued when we can take the stress away?

We have friendly professional agents that know the Court system and can wait at the courts if required.

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