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Article - What makes a good Process Server

What makes a good process Server?

Well a good place to start is the net, obviously, although there are some good books around. One of the best is the Process Servers Guide by Alan Drake. Alan has been one of the best resources in Process Serving over the years. I personally new him and he was a nice guy. He spent hours researching and modifying his guide and it showed.

In the USA they have differing rules for each State so it’s probably best to look up your own State’s legal regulations. Researching your own local civil procedures may also be very useful.

One of the great advantages of becoming a Process Server / Private Investigator is that you can work from home. So take advantage of this to start with. You won’t have to worry about office space and fees, etc., just watch out for insurances, rates, etc., Take a little time and do some research on starting a business from home.

As for the process serving side, some tips would be;

Try to be as professional and reliable as possible. We are all learning so just be honest, be prepared to listen and learn.

Hard work and courtesy, these will make you a great investigator.

Attitude. It’s all about attitude really. Be polite and understanding. Not everyone is a criminal, so don’t treat them like one. If the defendant does become hostile, just be polite and make a polite exit. Don’t think it’s personal, you’ve only just met them and they could well be having a rough day.

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