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How many Process Servers or Solicitors use Linux?

If anyone would like a hand understanding what Linux is or if you would like a hand choosing which distro you are very welcome to ask. For the beginners I’ll give a few brief pointers which the average investigator may not know.

1. Linux is a free operating environment similar to Microsoft windows.

2. There are hundreds of variations, but roughly 20 main ones that would keep you busy.

3. Linux can run pretty well on older computers if you choose a slimmed down version.

4. There are a lot of windows programs that will run on Linux using an “interpreter” program called Wine.

5. There are loads of free programs that run on Linux many if which are very similar to windows, such as word or excel.

Apologies if this information is a little basic but I find the legal profession doesn’t mix too well with computers.

If you would like to know more please email us, we are happy to help.

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